Cybercrime Definition

The definition in SA Policy – National Cybersecurity Policy Framework for South Africa, 2012 (7 March 2012) states:

“Cybercrime” means illegal acts, the commission of which involves the use of information and communication technologies

The new definition proposed in SA law – Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill, 2012 (26 October 2012) states:

“cyber crime” means any criminal or other offence that is facilitated by or involves the use of electronic communications or information systems, including any device or the Internet or any one or more of them

The term Cybercrime, although widely used in the same context over the past two decades, does not have a precise or universal definition. Due to the varying scenarios and environments, it varies between jurisdictions and differs largely based on the perceptions of those involved.

The listing of definitions below are from some of the various popular encyclopedic, community and technical websites.